90% of archaeology happens in the office!

The wind has definitely picked up and we are off the water. This does not mean work has not continued. The bad weather has given us a chance to look at gathered data and do a gap analysis. Refocussed and aware of the diminishing time available on the island, everyone is keen to start diving possible targets. However, first things first, we must finish the remote sensing survey to have a targeted investigation.

Graeme is beavering away at transcribing Dutch texts that we need to refine our search. Alex and James are working hard at the magnetometer data and have lost tan while cooped up in the room cranking out results. Shinatria, Robert and Andy continued taking images for processing into 3D models. Today they visited the old European graveyard where a memorial to a sailor from HMAS Sydney II is located. The sailor was recovered near Christmas Island in a Carley float on 6 February 1942. The Carley float arrived here because of a reciprocal current travelling up the Western Australian coastline past the Abrolhos Islands as far as Christmas Island and back again. In mid 2015 a fantastically successful project was completed by Curtin University and the Western Australian Museum which resulted in both HMAS Sydney II and HSK Kormoran being extensively photographed at approximately 2.5 km depth. This project will result in a spectacular display appearing at the Western Australian Museum, so watch out for that!

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