All praise the Goddess of the Sea!

What an amazing run of good weather we have had. This is not too much of a shock since we deliberately came to the island during the best season for calm seas, namely cyclone season. Touch wood we shall avoid a cyclone yet, but even in this season the swell is sufficiently large to make steering a straight course a very tricky business. Swells from the Indian Ocean hit the limestone cliffs of Christmas Island and rebound off causing the water to boil. This is further exacerbated by wind and current. Not taking anything for granted, tomorrow team members will be visiting the temple of the Goddess of the Sea and thanking her in the name of archaeology.

Fortunately for everyone on the boat, we had lunch today at Winifred Beach, slightly north of where we suspect the Vice-Admiraal Rijk to be wrecked. This is a beautiful spot and we managed to cool off with a short snorkel.


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