Fortuyn fieldwork commences

Greeted with a beautiful sunrise over flat calm water and a full moon still shining bright, fieldwork commenced. Today equipment was set-up and tested while other team members worked on translating a Dutch account of the loss of the Dutch Barque Vice-Admiral Rijk into English. Information about this wreck was first given to Wreck Check Inc by Thomas Creemers, a researcher in the Netherlands. The Vice-Admiral Rijk is reported to have wrecked on the west coast of Christmas Island, something we will be looking into over the coming two weeks.

Prior to testing equipment on the water, all team members went through pre-dive and equipment briefings. Once again Parks Australia is playing a major role in the delivery of the Fortuyn Project and our thanks goes out to them and our other partners particularly Silent World Foundation. With out the support of these groups as well as our other project partners fieldwork would not be possible.

Today we tested equipment over a known shipwreck Eidsvold. Conditions were perfect for the trials.