GIRT scholarships from AIMA, links with NAS and invitation for you to participate

Wreck Check member Andy Viduka recently received one of two annual scholarships from the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA)  for his conservation focused, no-impact, citizen science project called Gathering Information via Recreational and Technical (GIRT) Scientific Divers. The project is currently in the pilot project phase which will conclude on 9 December 2018 with a workshop for all participants at the South Australian Maritime Museum. Twenty-four individuals received GIRT training including another Wreck Check member and maritime archaeologist – Alex Moss. With the approval of the UK based Nautical Archaeological Society (NAS), GIRT uses the ‘adopt-a-wreck’ concept to strengthen individual and community engagement with their heritage. GIRT also links in with the AIMA/NAS program encouraging interested individuals to participate and supports the inclusion of natural history citizen science programs such as Reef Check in the assessment of adopted sites. To date, fourteen sites have been adopted in the GIRT pilot project and twenty of twenty-four members have completed their motivation survey. It is currently expected that following the inclusion of feedback from the workshop and the launch of a website, GIRT will be available for interested people nationally and internationally in early 2019. AIMA’s scholarship funding will specifically be targeted to complete the pilot project and roll-out training in Queensland in 2019