Indian Ocean Studies Conference 2019

A two-day conference on Indian Ocean Studies will be held at Sheridan College in Perth, Western
Australia on November 22-23, 2019.

The conference will be interdisciplinary, with a broad focus on historical and contemporary trade in the Indian Ocean, which encompasses the trade in commodities, ideas (philosophies and religions in particular), people (e.g. through the Indian Ocean slave trade), and politics (e.g. China’s One Belt, One Road initiative).

Scholars are welcomed, with a research interest in any of the above topics to submit abstracts for individual papers and/or panel proposals for the conference.

The conference is organised collaboratively by staff in the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty at Sheridan College and scholars from Murdoch University, the WA Maritime Museum, and the Australian Association for Maritime

more info: https://sheridan.edu.au/index.php/extensions/2019-indian-ocean-conference

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