Penultimate day of diving on Christmas Island

Waterlogged is the best way to describe the way we all feel after the last few days. Whether diving or on the boat we have been wet. Some rain showers were so strong it was a drier feeling in the water than out of it! Sadly, our time on Christmas Island is coming to a close and we have not discovered any archaeological material from either the Fortuyn or the Vice-Admiraal Rijk. While we have not yet managed to dive all the identified magnetic anomalies our time is running out. Today we dived sites off the West coast and because of the very calm conditions were able to swim survey from Egeria Point northwards to Winifred Beach. The difficulty of finding a site in the 30 meter depth range available to us as as divers was made very evident during that transect, as several times we encountered a vertical drop off to far greater depths not 50 meters from the coastline. A very small shelf for a shipwreck or shipwreck debris to stay attached to! Other remote sensing techniques for deepwater would need to be considered to continue the search in this location.

Tomorrow we cast our last throw for the Christmas Island portion of this trip. Who knows what may happen!