The Dutch barque Vice-Admiraal Rijk

The Wreck Check team are looking for a second shipwreck on the south-west coast of Christmas Island. They were made aware of the wreck’s circumstances by Thomas Creemers. The Dutch bark Vice Admiraal Rijk was on a voyage from Ramsgate to Batavia in 1852 when it struck on the south-west point of Christmas Island. The ship sank with all sails set. Four of the 20 men held onto the floating roof of a deck-house and drifted to the north-west point of the island. Attempting to land and scale the seafront cliffs one man was dragged back by a receding wave and drowned. The Wreck Check team have recorded anomalies on south-west point and believe that if the wreck of the Vice Admiraal Rijk was held close to the cliffs by the onshore swells and the coral, then the same might apply to the Fortuyn of 1724.

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