Update on Fortuyn Project fieldwork

Yesterday 25 February – we spent the day on the water surveying with Azmi Yon, Renata de’Jong and Rob Muller from Parks Australia. The weather was excellent and we managed to get near the coastline on some very weather dependant spots near South East Point and Egeria Point in the South West. Graeme continued assisting Robert in translating archival references to the wrecking of another Dutch vessel Vice-Admiral Rijk (1852). Today 26 February – Graeme and Andy went to the Christmas Island District High School and gave 4 presentations about the project and the shipwrecks of Christmas and Cocos Keeling Islands to the children from grade 4 up to 12. Graeme presented the school with a volume of his work, Unfinished Voyages. The school were very happy to receive this addition to their library. Alex, James, Shinatria and Robert went with Azmi to continue survey along the south and west coast, continuing re-surveying areas done the day before. Trying first BBQ tonight- chicken and salad.

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